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Yes, YOU! You’re awesome. I’m Soshy, Certified Health Coach. I help women from all over the world change their unwanted habits with food and fall in love with their bodies.

Picture This…

Have you ever had a moment where you’re at work, it’s lunchtime, and everyone seems to be enjoying their meals while you are having a complete tug of war inside you? “What should I eat? I’ll have salad with no dressing. But I REALLY want pasta. But if I eat pasta like everyone else: A) I’ll get fat B) I’ll be breaking my diet, or C) I won’t be able to stop eating once I start.”

You’re wondering how in the world your co-workers are eating while managing to not even think twice about it. And their weights don’t really seem to fluctuate all that much, ever. You’re wishing and longing that you can just get it right, because they look like they’re having fun and not spending too much energy on eating healthy and trying to lose weight. They seem free, right??!! You want to feel, have, and be that too, right?? Or maybe, you just want to finally feel normal around food.

You aren’t crazy or weak — and you’re certainly not alone!

Four years ago, I was in your exact shoes and I know the way out (for the rest of your life).

I was overweight (according to our culture’s standards) and had tried every diet imaginable to lose those pounds. At first, I lost a bunch of weight, but once that weight was off or I was eating healthy enough, I wanted my chocolate chip cookies back. I would give in to those cravings, and sure enough 1 week, 1 month or 1 year later I always regained the weight back and then some. Do you identify with this?

What’s funny is that I knew boat loads about nutrition (I’m sure you do too), but that didn’t stop me from eating chocolate bars (king size), cake, cookies, pizza, and chips all in one sitting, then starting an intense diet and sweating my life out on the elliptical machine the very next morning, trying desperately to negate everything I had done the night before. It didn’t stop my body from going on a weight gain roller coaster that left me feeling hopeless and frankly obsessed with trying to get the extra weight off my (what I thought to be) repulsive body.

Solving the weight loss mystery…

It wasn’t until I took a good look at everything I was doing — dieting, over-exercising, calorie counting and model stalking — that I realized I needed to try something different because I was failing BIG TIME. I knew that there had to be more to life than being obsessed with food and trying to lose weight.

It wasn’t an easy or quick fix, but once I learned what was behind my constant weight gain and destructive habits with food, I stopped, got control of my eating habits, got to a healthy weight and have never struggled with those same habits since.

I promise you there is a way out, and it’s not that COMPLICATED. It’s not magical (even though I’ve even been called a wizard in the Huffington Post). It’s just DIFFERENT than anything you’ve ever done before.

Ready to dive in?

I’m excited — actually I’m fist-pumping, butterflies in my belly excited — to hold your hand and show you the way.

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