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Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty After Eating Sugar

May 29, 2014

_DSC4422Last night after dinner I had the most intense sugar craving hit me. This hasn’t happened in a while so I decided to walk to the gas station and get myself a vanilla drumstick. As I took my first bite, the phone rang and sure enough, it was someone that I really did not want to hear from while I was indulging in this amazing ice cream. I should have known to put it down for a second but I continued eating the whole thing, each bite getting less and less tasteless and more about devouring the rest to block out the disturbing phone call I just got. Yes, I still do this sometimes after years, of practicing mindfulness around eating sugar.

When I realized what I had done I intentionally blocked out feelings of guilt, shame, regret or worries about ingesting a ton of ice-cream at night. I know that those kinds of feelings after eating sugar, only lead me to eat more sugar, not less.

What I am allowing myself to feel, is that doing that with sugar at night makes me loose sleep, hurts my stomach badly and makes me feel foggy the next morning. Simply put, it just doesn’t work.

When I remain curious after a negative experience with food it allows me to get useful information about what I need to do, going forward. 

Here is why I tell you this story:

Guilt, shame, regret and worries about food and our weight block us from feeling what foods work for our bodies and what foods don’t work for our bodies.

When we focus all of our energy on feeling guilty we do the same unwanted habit over and over and over again specifically with the very habits we are trying to get rid of.

Remaining curious and focusing on physical sensations about food instead of mental beliefs about food (good food or bad food) gives us answers immediately about the foods we choose to eat that don’t work and how we want to do things differently next time.

Listen to your body. Tune In. You already have most of the answers.



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