What foods are you not willing to give up for your perfect body?

June 23, 2014

_DSC4773Last week my girlfriend Karna, and I were sitting at the table picking though a box of chocolates. They were the  kind where you read all the flavors and then pick the one that you want. They’re one of my favorite kinds of chocolate because it feels just like a game! Read, go back and forth on your choice, choose, and then devour! As we were oohing and aahhing over the delicious flavors I said to her, “I feel like such a badass because I’m going clothes shopping later and I’m sitting here enjoying chocolate and I am not worried about whether things will fit me later on.”

We started to talk about how we used to be with food and our bodies and how far we have come and we marveled in how free we feel in being able to eat what we want and still have our version of, “the perfect body.” She asked me something really interesting, which is a great question I think everyone should ask themselves before attempting to make changes with food for,” the perfect body”.

“What foods, she asked, are you absolutely not willing to give up for the perfect body”?

I knew the answer immediately.

Hazelnut creamer with coffee in the morning, a couple of pieces of chocolate every day, cookies or ice-cream twice a month and at least one meal every now and then where I am not concerned over the amount or the ingredients. If I can have all that I am happy being in the body I am in, whatever that looks like.

If I cant have that, I am not happy being in the body that I am in even if it means I am 5 pounds thinner and have a more defined six pack. Why?? Because, even if I look that way it feels like my own version of hell, to not be able to eat in freedom. You cant appreciate being thinner if all you can think about is how you want chocolate or what foods you cant have. It doesn’t feel free and light and skinny when you have to be on a special diet to force your body to look a certain way.

So, I thought this was a good topic to talk about. Lets be straight here . We all, as women and men want to feel good in our bodies. We also want to look aesthetically good in our bodies and everyone has their own version of what a perfect body is whether its right, or wrong. Before you even attempt to get there, know that there has to be freedom emotionally and physically if you want to make changes long-term. Whatever changes you make with food here is the right question to start with:

What foods or treats are you absolutely not willing to give up for your perfect body?






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